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Don't hide the real you any longer. Get that bright, white, straight smile that you have been after… Today!

A beautiful smile is your greatest asset. It can depict your personality as well as how you feel about yourself. A slight imperfection with your smile can drastically affect the way you see yourself and hinder you from looking and feeling your best.

At A1 Belconnen dental surgery, the services provided are comprehensive and the treatment plans will be specifically designed for you. We understand the importance of being able to smile with confidence, so our tailored treatments will ensure you can achieve this state of oral health – for the rest of your life.

Our range of dental services include:

  • complete cosmetic dental makeovers 
  • crowns and bridges 
  • veneers 
  • teeth whitening (bleaching) 
  • bonding 
  • Implants – dental implants to replace lost or damaged teeth.

At your initial consultation we would like to learn about your concerns and your previous dental history so that we can advise you on how best to help you keep your teeth for life.

At A1 dental care Belconnen we focus on patient education so that you will be thoroughly aware of treatment required and how best to maintain your oral health.

Remember – our Dentists and staff are available if you require further information.

We use cosmetic dental porcelain veneers. These are micro-thin layers of extremely durable porcelain custom-made in our dental lab and then permanently fused to the tooth's enamel. This very conservative approach allows us to reshape teeth, close spaces, and ensure you end up with the brightest smile.

Or if you want a huge boost to your self-confidence we can give you a full smile makeover.

We also offer the latest techniques in Orthodontics (Invisalign). We do cosmetic teeth whitening, using in-surgery whitening or take-home kits. 

Dental Implants are now one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures to replace missing teeth. Dental implants now have a 20 year clinical history and have an extremely high success rate.

The decisions you and your dentist make now can affect your appearance and dental health (even your general health) for decades. We offer leading-edge the finest cosmetic, whitening and implant technologies available.

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